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About Louis Dixon III, Prophet

Prophet Louis Dixon

Louis Dixon is a long-time resident of Denver, CO who asked the Lord into his life at the age of 25.  A man after God’s OWN heart and will, Louis believes that God’s Will is the only will we should seek after…all other things will follow.  Louis doesn’t see himself as either perfect or better than anyone else; he is simply a child of the King who strives to live the crucified life.  Louis’ goal in ministry is to be used as God’s instrument, going wherever He says to go. 

A retired law enforcement officer, Louis served in many different capacities within the ranks before retiring as a Commander. He is also the proud father of his daughter, US Navy Nurse, Arielle.  For over 25 years, Louis has participated in many facets of ministry: choirs, praise and worship, armor bearer, security, men’s ministry, counseling, and anything else that needed to be done.  God has placed Louis in a position to support members, pastors, and the Kingdom.

Louis is the founder of Louis Dixon III Ministries and Brother2Brother International Men’s Ministry. Louis has a heart and passion to see all mankind prosper in everything God has for us.  For many years, Louis has also participated in mission trips within the United States and around the world to Europe, Ghana, Uganda, and Kenya, ministering the gospel. 

Louis’ goal in life is to be a catalyst to help others walk in their healing, deliverance, freedom, peace, and in the joy of the Lord.  He desires to teach the gospel and expose the truths of the Bible to everyone who will listen. 

“God and the word of God is our source.  For in Him we live, move, and have our being.”

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